Bangkok, 6 November 2017

Defense & Security 2017: Infoglobal Showcases Glass Cockpit to Armed Forces Commander

Marketing Infoglobal
Armed Forces Commander, Gatot Nurmantyo, sees Infoglobal’s avionics, Glass Cockpit, in Defense & Security 2017, held at Impact Exhibition & Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand (6/11/2017).

Infoglobal participates in Defense & Security 2017, the largest defense industry exhibition in ASEAN region that is held in 2017. The exhibition is held on 6-9 November 2107 at Impact Exhibition & Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand. The event is held every two years and attended by 400 leading defense and security companies from 50 countries.

In addition, the exhibition is also attended by more than 300 official delegations from 35 countries. Indonesia, as one of the nations with the 14th largest military force in the world, sends 10 delegations led by Armed Forced Commander, Gatot Nurmantyo to Defense & Security 2017.

Infoglobal, as one of the leading Defense Industries in Indonesia, together with the Ministry of Defense showcases one of its flagship avionics, Glass Cockpit. Glass Cockpit is a high technology product that can be used to display the flight instrument digitally using LCD screen. Glass Cockpit, made by Infoglobal, is not only used on fighter aircraft only, but also able to be installed in the helicopter. (lft)