Surabaya, 21 February 2018

Infoglobal Reaches Local Content of 79%

Marketing Infoglobal
Infoglobal products have been certified TKDN (image: LFT)

Infoglobal as one of defense industries that is produced and developed avionics instrument, radar data processing, also defense mission system takes part to increase Domestic Component Level (TKDN) in an effort to fullfill the use of local component in industry that are encouraged by Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia (Kemenperin). It is proved by the achievement of local content in Infoglobal products that reach 50% to 79%.

Heru Yudianto as PPIC supervisor said that the local content in Infoglobal products is classified as high. According to him, 5 products tested for local content levels, have the value of local content above 50%, it can be stated that Infoglobal products have high value in local content because the other defense industries have local content below 50%.

Infoglobal products that are tested for local content comprise 3 systems and 2 avionics. Those 3 systems are Surveillance System of Terrestrial Marine and Airspace, Weapon Control System, Tactical Mission System. TDAS, a system that utilizes radar data processing to monitor three matras, achieves local content of 79,77%. Meanwhile, Weapon Control System that developed to control the weaponry of fighter aircraft achieves 66,53%. Then, Infoglobal Tactical Mission System, named Tactical Patrol Mission (TPM), developed for carrier aircraft include Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) achieves 59,05% of local content level.

Besides that, two avionics products tested for its local content also achieved high TKDN values. INFOGLOBAL EEI (Electronic Engine Indicator) that is used to display engine data get TKDN value of 50.84%. Meanwhile, INFOGLOBAL Flight Navigation Display that is used to display navigation data get 51.82%.

Furthermore, Heru said that the high local content achieved by Infoglobal cannot be separated from utilization of Human Resources (HR) that use 100% domestic workforce to develop defense technology. In addition, the utilization of local materials and components in the manufacture of avionics also contributes to improve Infoglobal’s local content. (lft)