Jakarta, 29 August 2018

Infoglobal Showcases Its Flagship Research Products at Bursa Litbang Pertahanan 2018

Marketing Infoglobal
Anne Kusmayanti, Kabalitbang Kemhan visits Infoglobal booth in Bursa Litbang Pertahanan 2018 (28/08) (image: EVI)

Infoglobal, as one of the defense industries that develops defense technology, participates in Bursa Litbang Pertahanan 2018 organized by the Ministry of Defense Research and Development (Balitbang Kemhan) at Lapangan Apel Balitbang Kemhan, Jl. Jati No. 1 Pondok Labu, Jakarta Selatan. Bursa Litbang Pertahanan which held on August 28-29, 2018 was attended by R & D agencies, universities and the domestic defense industry.

This event is opened by Anne Kusmayati as Kabalitbang Kemhan. Anne Kusmayati said that having a strong defense is a fundamental need for every nation. So that, it takes high-tech product innovations and also research and development that is serious, accurate and on target.

In this event, Infoglobal showcases its flagship research products. The research products are avionics for KT-1B aircraft, Flight Navigation Display (FND) and Digital Engine Indicator (DEI). Both avionics are electronic flight instruments that are very important for navigating and displaying the fuel status of the trainer aircraft.
In addition, Infoglobal also displays avionics products for transport aircraft, Electronic Flight Display (EFD). EFD is the latest Infoglobal research product that functions as electronic flight instrument system for transport aircraft. With this avionics, flight data such as aircraft attitude and navigation data can be displayed electronically.

By contributing to the development of defense technology, Infoglobal will continue to innovate and work to realize the autonomy of national defense. (lft)