Manila, 27 September 2018

ADAS 2018: Infoglobal Showcases Avionics for Transport Aircraft

Marketing Infoglobal
Rodrigo Duterte, The President of the Philippines, is reviewing Infoglobal products, Electronic Flight Display (EFD) at Asian Defense & Security (ADAS) 2018, Manila, Philippines (26/09). (image: MKT)

Infoglobal is participating Asian Defense & Security (ADAS) 2018 which is held on September 26-28, 2018. ADAS 2018 is the third Defense, Security and Crisis Management Exhibition and Conference held in Philippines. The Exhibition is held at World Trade Center Metro Manila, Philippines.

In this exhibition, Infoglobal showcases its two flagship products, that are EFD-6.0 and EFD-5.5. EFD or Electronic Flight Display is avionics that is a part of airborne navigation system of transport aircraft. EFD-6.0 can be used in Boeing 737-200, while EFD-5.5 can be used in Hercules aircraft.

EFDs which are developed specifically for transport aircraft are becoming the newest innovation of Infoglobal. Infoglobal has been developed avionics for fighter and maritime patrol aircraft. (lft)