Jakarta, 7 November 2018

Infoglobal at Indo Defence Expo & Forum 2018

Marketing Infoglobal
The Director General of Defense for the Ministry of Defense, Maj. Gen. Bambang Hartawan, visits Infoglobal booth at Indo Defense 2018 (11/07). (image: BCI)

Infoglobal is participating Indo Defence Expo & Forum 2018 held on November, 7-10th November 2018 at JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta, Indonesia. Indo Defence is the largest exhibition and conference in Southeast Asia for the aerospace, marine and defense sectors. The biennial exhibition is attended by 25,000 delegations and visitors from 750 companies of 55 countries. Infoglobal, as one of the greatest defense companies in Indonesia, showcases its flagship products. They are avionics products, mission system, data link, and also defense software.


One of Infoglobal flagship products that are showcases at Indo Defence 2018 are avionics. Infoglobal has developed avionics since 2010, and the products has been installed at Indonesian Air force fighter aircrafts and trainer aircrafts such as Hawk 100/200, F-16, and KT-1B.

Some of Infoglobal avionics which are showcased at Indo Defence Expo & Forum 2018 are Multi Purpose Cockpit Display (MPCD), Radar Monitor Unit (RMU), INS/GNSS, Rear Cockpit Monitor (RCM), Video Multiplexer Unit (VMU) and Camera Interface Unit (CIU). Those products are avionics of Hawk 100/200 fighter aircrafts.

Flight Navigation Display (FND) and Digital Engine Indicator (DEI), avionics of KT-1B trainer aircraft, and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for Hawk and F-16 fighter aircraft are also showcased at the exhibition.  

Besides avionics for fighter and trainer aircrafts, Infoglobal also exhibits avionics for carrier aircraft. They are EFD-5.5 and EFD-6.0 which are avionics for Hercules and Boeing. The EFDs are the latest products of Infoglobal that have function to display navigation data including EADI (Electronic Attitude Direction Indicator) and EHSI (Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator).


Besides avionics, Infoglobal also showcases more complex product. It is a Tactical Mission System called Tactical Patrol Mission (TPM). The system is built as a means of maritime patrol operation of fixed wing Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) which integrates Radar, AIS, EO-IR and aircraft navigation system to detect and identify ship target and SAR guide. This mission system has been installed on CASA NC212/200 MPA.

TPM consists of some avionics which has features of mission and navigation. It can detect vessels, track the target, compute the position of dynamic target, calculate speed and heading target, display the ship data (AIS) on the selected area, send and record the data result of patrol operation (data target and image) to KRI in real time via data link.

Meanwhile, the features of its navigation, TPM is able to display aircraft tracks, calculate the position, orientation (yaw, pitch, roll), velocity, bearing, heading, time to go, end of route, cross distance, and OAT of the aircraft. Beside that, TPM is also able to display weather condition, entry the waypoint, and flight plan.


At Indo Defence Expo & Forum 2018, Infoglobal also showcases Link-RI. It is a Tactical Data Link that has function as an electronic warfare media to communicate tactical data inter-elements from MPA to KRI to Command Center, and vice versa.

With Link-RI, Maritime Patrol Aircraft can transmit the data of patrol operation, such as ship target image, position, vessel name, direction, speed, nationality, destination and the time of target (vessel) in real time. It eases KRI to conduct and also Command Center to control the operation.


As one of defense industries, Infoglobal also showcases a defense software. In Indo Defence 2018, Infoglobal introduces its latest software named ABATA.

ABATA is GIS-based Traffic Management Service System that is able to become a surveillance center to conduct tracking, surveillance, and control the objects traffic. With ABATA, the safety and object traffic in sea and land can be improved efficiently.

ABATA can be implemented to support the mission of patrol, surveillance, and service. It has excellent features such as: movement data acquisition, map viewer, traffic and operation monitoring.

Besides that, the software can be integrated with supported device of operation and service, such as integration with CCTV and sensors. ABATA has feature of chatting as a communication facility between officers in Command Center and patrol vehicle/vessel. ABATA also has early warning as a anticipatory step against violation. Information of weather is also displayed in this application.

In Indo Defence Expo & Forum 2018, Infoglobal booth is standing at hall A 060. The great event of Indo Defence 2018, is the most important event for Infoglobal to introduce the high technology products of Indonesia to international market. (lft)