Surabaya, 30 April 2019

Infoglobal has been Achieved AS9100 Certification

Marketing Infoglobal
Infoglobal has been AS 9100-certified on April 29, 2019 (image by: LFT)

Infoglobal has produced military avionics to Indonesian army for one decade. As our vision to become the trusted defense industry and the mission to develop avionics, radar data processing and defense mission system, Infoglobal consistently improves its quality.

After achieving ISO 9001:2008 on 2010, and adapting to risk-based management system with ISO 9001:2015, in this 2019, Infoglobal achieves AS 9100D with the scope of “Machining process of avionic product for Aviation and defence”. The certificate has been issued by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) on April 29, 2019.

AS9100 certificate that has been achieved by Infoglobal

AS9100 is a standard quality management system for global aerospace industry. Technically, the certificate is equivalent to EN 9100:2008 issued in Europe and JISQ 9100:2016 issued in Asia-Pasific. With the achievement of AS 9100 certification, Infoglobal products have good quality with international standard.

Besides achieving AS 9100 certification, Infoglobal products have been certified by Indonesian Military Airworthiness Authority (IMAA) and have high domestic local content with 50-78%.

With AS9100 certification, Infoglobal is expected to be able to compete in international market. “Infoglobal has completed one important stage, it is AS 9100. The stage is very important because we want to go a higher caste in order that we are more proper to compete globally. AS 9100 is the first step for us to be able to go international, said Adi Sasongko, CEO Infoglobal.  

The AS 9100 quality management system based international aviation standards has been implemented to all lines of Infoglobal organization. (lft)