Jakarta, 23 January 2020

Avionics and TMS Infoglobal are Showcased at Defense Industry Exhibition of Rapim TNI dan Polri 2020

Marketing Infoglobal
Avionics and TMS Infoglobal at Defense Industry Exhibition of Rapim TNI dan Polri 2020 (22/01) (image by: MKT)

As one of the defense industries of Indonesia, Infoglobal participates at Defense Industry Exhibition of Rapim TNI dan Polri 2020 held on 22-23 January 2020. The agenda which themes “Pertahanan Semesta yang Kuat Menjamin Kelangsungan Hidup NKRI” is held at the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia, Jalan Merdeka Barat No. 13-14, Central Jakarta.

In this exhibition, Infoglobal showcases all its featured products: avionics and mission system. The products are installed on Hawk 100/200, Boeing 737-200, Hercules C-130, KT-1B, and Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA).  Multi Purpose Cockpit Display (MPCD), Rear Cockpit Monitor (RCM), Radar Monitor Unit (RMU), Weapon Control Board (WCB), and Weapon Programming Instrument (WPI) are the avionics for Hawk 100/200 aircraft.

Besides that, Infoglobal also exhibits Electronics Flight Instrument System of Boeing and Hercules aircraft, that is Electronics Flight Display (EFD). Also Flight Navigation Display (FND) and Digital Engine Instrument (DEI) which are installed on KT-1B Wong Bee aircraft.

Besides avionics, Infoglobal also showcases Tactical Mission System (TMS) Infoglobal. TMS Infoglobal is a Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) equipment to maintain the sovereignty of the Indonesian sea from illegal fishing, trafficking, and illegal import. TMS Infoglobal can also be used for SAR (Search and Rescue)

The system consists of a mission computer that integrates sensors such as Search Radar, AIS, EO/IR, handheld camera and 14 avionics/aircraft navigation systems. TMS is equipped with datalink to detect and identify surface target then coordinate it with the KRI and Command and Control Center.

TMS Infoglobal has been type-certified by IMAA (Indonesian Military Airworthiness Authority) and has flight for more than 300 flight hours.