Jakarta, 8 June 2021

Infoglobal Participates in the Coordination Meeting for Policy Determinants of Users and Producers in the Defense and Security Sector

Marketing Infoglobal
Adi Sasongko is showing EFD-5.5 and FMD-A13 to the Deputy Minister of Defence Wamenhan, M. Herindra at the Defense Industry Products Exhibition in the Coordination Meeting for Policy Determinants, Users and Producers in the Defense and Security Sector (8/6/2021).

Infoglobal, as one of defense industries of Indonesia attends Rapat Koordinasi (Rakor) Penentu Kebijakan, Pengguna dan Produsen Bidang Alpalhankam, which is initiated by Directorate General of Defence Potentials (Ditjen Pothan), on Tuesday (8/6). The Agenda which is held at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) attended by 187 participants consisting of related Ministries and Agencies (MoF, Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises, Ministry of Investment, Ministry of Industry, KKIP team), Indonesian Armed Forces Headquarters, Indonesian National Police, Bakamla, Pinhantanas, and Defense Industries (BUMN and BUMS).

The activity with the theme "Optimizing Defense Industries in Improving the Quality of Alpalhankam Production to Realize National Defense Industries Independence" was opened by M. Herindra as Deputy Minister of Defense (Wamenhan). In his speech, Wamenhan conveys that with the issues of UU No. 11 of 2020 concerning Cipta Kerja stated that BUMN and BUMS could be lead integrators of Alutsista, which means that opening up wide opportunities for BUMS to demonstrate their capabilities in producing Alutsista. Besides that, Wamenhan also emphasized that defense industries should have a vision in their business plan and products to increase Local Content (TKDN).

In this coordination meeting which is also held Defence Industry Exhibition, Infoglobal shows the latest avionics for Hercules C-130 transport aircraft, they are FMD-A13 and EFD-5.5.

 FMD-A13 is avionics used for flight data entry and displaying navigation data. While EFD-5.5 is avionics to display navigation data in 3 modes: ADI, HSI, and RDU.

The Infoglobal avionics products are developed and produced by Indonesian engineers, so the products have good enough Local Content (TKDN).