Jakarta, 25 Juni 2021

Infoglobal Gets AMARS Certificate From Ministry Of Defence Of The Republic Of Indonesia

Marketing Infoglobal
CEO of Infoglobal, Adi Sasongko receives AMARS certificate from Head of Worthiness Centre, Teguh Sugiono at Worthiness Centre, Ministry of Defence of RI (25/06/21).

On June 25th, 2021, Infoglobal gets Certificate of Approval Approved Military Aircraft Repair Station (AMARS) from the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemhan RI). This certificate is signed and handed over by Commodore Teguh Sugiono, S.E., M.M as Head of Worthiness Centre, Ministry of Defence RI to Adi Sasongko as the CEO of Infoglobal at Worthiness Centre Ministry of Defence RI, Jakarta.

The AMARS certificate is important considering Infoglobal is an Indonesia defense industry that capable of developing avionics of military aircraft.

The certificate is obtained by Infoglobal after going through the assessment process conducted by Indonesia Military Airworthiness Authority (IMAA), such as document verification, conformity inspection, and functional test. The certification process focuses on some criteria, including: qualified personnel, tool equipment, quality system, and facilities.

With this AMARS certificate, Infoglobal is stated to have worthy facilities and capability of doing maintenance on primary weapons system (Alutsista TNI), especially aircraft.