Istanbul, 20 August 2021

IDEF 2021: Infoglobal showcases FMD-A13 and EFD-5.5

Marketing Infoglobal
Indonesia Ambassador for Turkey, Lalu Muhammad Iqbal visits Infoglobal - Indonesia Defence Industries booth at IDEF 2021

Indonesia Defence Industry Infoglobal exhibits its flagship avionics at International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2021) held in The Metropolitan City of Istanbul, Turkey. In the event held on 17-20 August 2021, Infoglobal showcases Flight Management Display A13 (FMD-A13), and Electronics Flight Display 5.5 (EFD-5.5).

Indonesia Consulate General in Istanbul, Imam As’ari visits Infoglobal - Indonesia Defence Industries booth

FMD-A13 is an avionics fully developed and manufactured by Infoglobal designed for Hercules C-130. This avionics serves as Flight Management System interface to entry flight and navigation data and designed with multiple interfaces that enables easy integration in civil or military aircraft.

Another avionics of Hercules C-130 that is shown by Infoglobal in the IDEF 2021 is EFD-5.5 that is designed as avionics for navigation display. This avionics is designed flagship with RDU Mode that is able to  display Radar data besides EADI and EHSI.

Infoglobal together with Ministry of Defence Republic Indonesia participates to show products developed and manufactured by Indonesian talents to reinforce Indonesia defence technology and global supply equipment and security systems.