Surabaya, 6 September 2021

Minister of Defence RI Visits Infoglobal

Marketing Infoglobal
Minister of Defence RI, Prabowo Subianto visits Infoglobal Workshop, Surabaya. (6/9/21)

Infoglobal gets visit from Minister of Defence RI Prabowo Subianto on Monday, Sept 6th 2021.  He is accompanied by Director-General of Defence Potentials (at the Ministry of Defence), Major General  Dadang Hendrayuda. The visit is welcomed by CEO Infoglobal, Adi Sasongko at Infoglobal Workshop, Surabaya.

The arrival of Prabowo Subianto, the Minister of Defence at Infoglobal Workshop, Surabaya

The agenda of Minister of Defence RI work visit is aim to see Infoglobal competencies as one of Defence Industries that capable to develop avionics. In front of The Minister of Defence, Adi Sasongko shows avionics products that have been produced by Infoglobal, i.e. avionics for Hawk 100/200, Hercules C-130, CASA NC-212/200, KT-1B, and Super Tucano. Besides avionics, Adi Sasongko also shows the concept of fighter aircraft that will be developed by Infoglobal.

In this agenda, Minister of Defence RI is impressed with Infoglobal competencies and give full supports for the efforts and hard work that has been done, also give encouragement to continue to grow.