Bandung, 11 November 2021

Infoglobal Visits PTDI, Discusses Cooperation on Mission System Integration to N219 MSA

Marketing Infoglobal
Infoglobal visits PT DI talks about mission system integration to N219 (11/11/2021)

On November 11th , 2021, Infoglobal CEO, Adi Sasongko together with his team visit Indonesian Aerospace (PT DI), Bandung. The visits is to cooperate with PT DI on the integration of Infoglobal mission system to N219 MSA.

This agenda discuss about Infoglobal Mission System and also N219 that designed specially as Maritime Surveillance Aircraft (MSA). The Infoglobal Mission System that have been installed in CASA NC-212 MPA will be developed further for N219 MSA manufactured by PT DI.

Infoglobal Mission System has features that can strengthen the capability of N219 in conducting maritime surveillance mission.  The feature of detection and identification of ship target, also the ability to compute the position, velocity and heading the dynamic target are some of Infoglobal Mission System features. Furthermore, Infoglobal Mission System can also display SAR Route and transmit the surveillance results to warship or ground station. So the surveillance mission of N219 can be conducted effectively.

With this cooperation, Infoglobal is hoped to strengthen the capability of N219 as Maritime Surveillance Aircraft and increase the aircraft local content value. This cooperation is a collaboration between defense industries to create the best product of Indonesian.