Surabaya, 30 November 2016

Airbus DS Optronics’s Visit

Marketing Infoglobal
Surabaya. (photo by: LFT)

On Wednesday 30th November 2016, Airbus DS Optronics made a visit to Infoglobal located at Jl. Sriwijaya 36, Surabaya. The aim of Airbus DS Optronics visit is to offer their products to Infoglobal in developing Tactical Mission System (TMS).

Currently, Infoglobal develops Tactical Mission System for Maritime Patrol Aircraft. Infoglobal needs Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) camera which is used to capture images of the target from the aircraft.

In this occasion, Benny Steyn and Vernon Govender as Airbus DS Optronics’ marketing representatives introduce the company as optronics developer and supplier. Further, Airbus DS Optronics offers ARGOS-II HD and Goshawk HD-II to Infoglobal. ARGOS-II HD is equipped with Internal IMU and GPS. Meanwhile, Goshawk-II HD only uses IMU to detect geo functions. In other words, ARGOS-II HD can display images along with its coordinate without using an additional GPS antenna.

This event then continued with discussions about technical specifications and non-technical aspects of both products. At the end of the visit, Airbus DS Optronics’ representatives are grateful for the opportunity and the warm welcome given.