Surabaya, 24 February 2017

Ditjen Pothan Kemhan Visit Infoglobal

Marketing Infoglobal
Sub-directorate head of Defence Industry of Directorate of Defence Industrial Engineering, Mirad Fahri (fourth from left) and the team of the Directorate-General of Defence Potentials at Ministry of Defence photographed with Infoglobal officials in his visit to Infoglobal (24/02). (photo by: lft)

Sub-directorate head of  Defence Industry of Directorate of Defence Industrial Engineering (Kasubdit Indhan Dittekindhan), Mirad Fahri visits Infoglobal on Friday, February 24th, 2017. He is accompanied by the Defence Industrial Development Section Chief of Sub-Directorate of Defence Industry (Kasi Bangindhan Subdit Indhan) and four officers of Directorate-General of Defence Potentials at Ministry of Defence (Ditjen Pothan Kemhan). The visit is welcomed by General Manager, Khoirul Huda at Infoglobal Workshop Jl. Raya Dinoyo 109, Surabaya.

The visit is aimed to strengthen the coordination between the government and the doers of Defence Industry. The coordination is the socialization and optimalization of Bangtekinhan program and government policies in the field of Defense and Security Equipment (Alpalhankam) as the Defence Industry empowerment. Mirad Fahri said that the coordination is aimed to support the domestic defence industry so that the doers of defence industry together with the government can strengthen the defence independently.  It is expected that this coordination can create the innovation spirit to develop and to produce Main Equipment and Weapon Systems so that the defence industry increase.

In order to optimize Bangtekinhan program, Ditjen Pothan Kemhan team review Infoglobal’s product, i.e. Weapon Control Panel (WCP) and Weapon Programming Unit (WPU). Both of them is a first article product of Bangtekinhan program in 2016.

Beside that, this visit is intended to see the potential and capabilities of Infoglobal as one of the doers of Defence Industry. Ditjen Pothan team review the facilities of workshop and see the process of avionic manufacture, from the assembly to the testing process.

This visit then continued by reviewing Infoglobal office at Jl. Sriwijaya 36, Surabaya. In this visit, Ditjen Pothan Kemhan officers review the work process conducted by programmers and creative team. They also review the PCB machines and its work process. During his visit, Kasi Bangindhan Subdit Indhan, Rustandi Wiramanggala is very impressed with Infoglobal. (lft)