Surabaya, 1 March 2017

Infoglobal, The Trust Partner of Indonesian Air Force

Marketing Infoglobal
PPIC Supervisor, Heru Yudianto together with General Manager of Infoglobal, Khoirul Huda and Marketing Representative, Yunita Sanaissara report the progress of manufacturing LRU/SRU for Hawk fighter aircraft to the team of Air Force Headquarters (01/03). (photo by: lft)

On Friday, March 1st, 2017, the team of Air Force Headquarters (MABES AU) visit Infoglobal Workshop at Jl. Raya Dinoyo 109, Surabaya. This visit is attended by Lieutenant Colonel Noor Avianto, Mayor Aldi Ichsan, and Mayor Choirul Anam. The visit is welcomed by PPIC Supervisor of Infoglobal, Heru Yudianto, Marketing Representative, Yunita Sanaissara and General Manager of Infoglobal, Khoirul Huda. This visit is aimed to see the progress of manufacturing the Line-Replaceable Unit (LRU) and Shop-Replaceable Unit (SRU) for Hawk fighter aircraft. The LRUs/SRUs that are being produced are Radar Display Unit (RDU), Head-Up Display Monitor (HUDMON), and Multi Purpose Display (MPD).

In this chance, General Manager of Infoglobal, Khoirul Huda explains that Infoglobal’s products are highly guaranteed quality.

“In manufacturing avionic, all of the work process from design, manufacture of Printed Circuit Board (PCB), assembly, and manufacture of casing must be signed by Quality Control (QC), all of the processes are controlled by QC team and must be qualified, so that the avionics that has been made are  the same as the design created at the beginning. Then, the products  enter the final QC process to be tested its conformance and durability so that the quality products are guaranteed”, said Khoirul Huda.

In this visit, Chief of Planning and Control Maintenance Depot 20 (Kadisren Depohar 20), Lieutenant Colonel Noor Avianto said that Infoglobal with its avionics greatly help Indonesian Air Force in maintenance and repair the aged fighter to keep functioning and eligible to fly.  Major Choirul Anam added that Indonesian Air Force greatly appreciates Infoglobal in the implementation of technology that are develop in the field of avionics, thus prevent the fighter aircraft such as Hawk to be grounded.

Infoglobal is a trust partner of Indonesian Air Force. In the last seven years, Infoglobal has been trusted in the procurement of LRU/SRU of Indonesian Air Force fighter aircraft. In 2016, Infoglobal gets an award from Air Force Headquarters as a partner that has been completing the work on time. (lft)