Surabaya, 06 June 2017

Navy Research and Development Service Chief (Kadislitbangal) Visits Infoglobal to Review Endurance Test of The Avionics of Tactical Mission System

Marketing Infoglobal
Event picture with Navy Aviation Centre officials after endurance test of Tactical Mission System at Infoglobal Workshop (06/06). (photo by: lft)

Navy research and Development Service (Dislitbangal) team visit Infoglobal Workshop at Jl. Dinoyo 105, Surabaya (06/06). The visit is attended by Laksma Arief Maksum as Navy research and Development Service Chief and Col. Guntur Wahyudi as Deputy Commander of Navy Aviation Centre also the officials of Navy Aviation Centre (Puspenerbal). The visit is welcomed by CEO of Infoglobal, Adi Sasongko and the staffs.

This visit is a series of Litbang test of Tactial Mission System (TMS) which also conducted in Puspenerbal Lanudal Juanda before. TMS is an aircraft mission system developed by Infoglobal and which consists of some avionic instruments, such as Pilot Display Unit (PDU), Pilot Display Control Unit (PDCU), Inertial Reference System Global Positioning System, and Mission Computer Data Entry (MCDE). TMS will be installed in Puspenerbal NC-212/200 MPA.

In this visit, Dislitbangal team review the endurance test of the avionics of TMS. The purpose of this test is to measure the endurance of avionics to vibration, impact, high and low temperature. Avionics of TMS are tested in Infoglobal’s environment test room. After the series of the tests, the avionics of TMS have been passed the endurance test as required. (lft/khd)