Surabaya, 25 September 2017

The Development of KFX/IFX Fighter Aircrafts, PT DI Visits Infoglobal

Marketing Infoglobal
Husein Ahmad Alatas (two from right) also PT DI officers together with Colonel Tech. Dedi Laksmono (Ditjen Pothan Kemhan) observe Infoglobal avionics at Infoglobal Workshop, Jl. Dinoyo 105, Surabaya (25/09). (photo by:LFT)

On Monday, 25 September 2017, Husein Ahmad Alatas, Senior Engineer Indonesian Aerospace (PT DI) and also his staffs, visit Infoglobal Workshop, at Jl. Raya Dinoyo 105, Surabaya. This visit is also followed by Colonel Tech. Dedi Laksmono as Directorate-General of Defence Potentials at the Ministry of Defence (Ditjen Pothan Kemhan) officer.

This work visit is to present KFX/IFX program to Infoglobal. Bilqis Fitria Salsabiela, International Collaboration KFX/IFX, said that IFX/KFX program is a program from Indonesia government in cooperating with Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) to develop and manufacture KFX/IFX fighter aircraft. Hopefully, with this program, Indonesia could get Transfer of Technology (ToT) in manufacturing fighter aircraft. So, Indonesia can produce the fighter aircraft independently. Currently, KFX/IFX program enters its second year in Engineering Manufacturing Development (EMD) phase.

This program is also an inspection towards Infoglobal competencies and readiness in the development of KFX/IFX aircraft. By visiting Infoglobal, PT DI as Indonesian Industrial Participant (IIP) pointed by government through Balitbang Kemhan could depict about potential sectors and review the national readiness to manufacture fighter aircraft.

Infoglobal as one of defense industries capable of developing and manufacturing aircraft avionics. Ahmad Fauzi, Infoglobal Marketing Representative, in this chance, explains about avionics that are developed and made by Infoglobal. Those avionics are Miniature Standard Central Air Data Computer (MSCADC) that can been used on F-5. Digital Video Recorder (DVR) installed on F-5, F-16, Hawk 100 and Hawk 200 fighter aircrafts. Multi Purpose Cockpit Display (MPCD) and Inertial Navigation System/Global Navigation Satellite System (INS/GNSS) that can be used in Hawk 100/200 fighter aircraft. Rear Cockpit Monitor (RCM) used in Hawk 100. Also Weapon Control Board (WCB), Weapon Programming Instrument (WPI) and Radar Monitor Unit (RMU) that can be used in Hawk 200.

Infoglobal also develops mission system for Maritime Patrol Aircraft. The mission system is named Tactical Patrol Mission.

Not only avionics, Ahmad Fauzi also explains that Infoglobal also produce defense application, named Soyus Wargaming System used by Air Force Staff and Command School (Seskoau) to train strategic and military operation plans.

Besides that, Infoglobal also has competencies in radar data processing by developing Transmission Data Air Situation (TDAS). TDAS is a aircraft traffic monitoring system that integrates civil and military radars and this system has been used by National Air Defence Command (Kohanudnas).

Col. Tech. Dedi Laksmono said that with this inspection hoped the development and manufacturing KFX/IFX fighter aircrafts later can implement the requirement of Tingkat Kandungan Dalam Negeri (TKDN) that should reach minimum of 40%. Those can be implemented by involving domestic defense industries, one of them is Infoglobal. (lft)