Seoul, 17 October 2017

Seoul ADEX 2017: Infoglobal’s INS/GNSS Attract Leonardo Attention

Marketing Infoglobal
Adi Sasongko explains Infoglobal products to Leonardo representative, Andrew Pitt. (photo by: YWS)

Infoglobal participated in ADEX 2017 (Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition 2017), held on 17-22 October 2017 at Seoul Airbase, South Korea. ADEX 2017 is one of the largest industrial exhibitions in the Asia Pacific region. The exhibition was attended by 386 companies from 32 countries.

In the event, Infoglobal showcases one of its flagship avionics products, Glass Cockpit. Using the latest technology, this avionics can be used as aircraft displays that display flight instrument digitally.

Together with the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia, Infoglobal shows its company profile as one of defense industries from Indonesia that is able to create and develop avionics of fighter aircraft. On that occasion, Leonardo as one of the world's fighter-making companies who is also an exhibitor in ADEX 2017, shows their interest in Infoglobal product, that is INS/GNSS (Inertial Navigation System/Global Navigation Satellite System).

INS/GNSS is an avionics that can be used as a satellite-based navigation system. With INS/GNSS, the aircraft uses signals from satellites to calculate the position, time, and velocity of the aircraft. This avionics translates the angular rate into attitude so that the position, time, and velocity of the aircraft are accurately obtained. (lft)